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Inbox Zero meets Scheduling Freedom

When we unveiled Undock Scheduling into public beta late 2020 the number one question people had was “do you work with Superhuman?”. The demand was so high that it made us move it up on our roadmap for integration.

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People are talking

Rahul Vohra
DeAndrea Salvador
Real talk, I've been waiting on this integration since September [2020]! So excited to try it out!
Ari Newman
Undock x Superhuman is like the holy grail of productivity. Now I'm fast at email AND don't spend hours wrangling my calendar or jumping back and forth getting distracted. Everything I need is just a keystroke away!
David Mandell
Similar to what Superhuman did for my ability to get through email with both efficiency and the right prioritization, Undock is getting me to the same level with scheduling. I feel like I have so much more control and focus with my calendar now. Combining the two has been a huge boost in my overall task efficiency.
Lizelle van Vuuren
Undock is extremely member-driven, so when Superhuman users were sending us requests left and right for integration we knew we had to respond. We're thrilled to give people Undock's scheduling power directly in their preferred email client. The superhuman community is very strong.
Anjali Kumar
I feel like Undock x Superhuman was built for me. Game-changing for my workflow and basically eliminated the need for an assistant.

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What is Undock?

Undock is the most powerful calendar in the galaxy. The calendar that schedules, hosts and documents your meetings in one click. We are a software technology startup headquartered in New York City with a distributed and remote team around the globe. Undock is building an entirely new way to schedule, meet and work so that you can reclaim your time. Create your free account:

How do I sign up for Undock?

Please visit and sign up for a free Undock account.

Is Undock free?

Undock is currently free and will always have a free version. Undock will have a Premium tier for power users. Go ahead and try it, sign up for a free account:

What if I have more questions?

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What should I do with all the time I'm about to save?

We're about to help you save so much time during your work week that you may find yourself taking naps as a daily habit. We have other ideas as well; sleep more, exercise, stretch, read a book, dance in the kitchen, call a friend, start a company, write a book, bake some bread and we can go on forever.

But we want to hear what you are going to do with all your free time, tell us here

Do you only work with Superhuman in the browser?

Yes, for now Undock works with Superhuman in your browser. Undock currently works in the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Opera, and all Chromium browsers.

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